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Introducing the MPack Jig

Article: January, 2010
Lake Fork Pro Guide Tom Redington  Lake Fork is a great proving ground for jigs. With an ample supply of heavy timber, thick grass, and monster bass, inferior jigs quickly get snagged or lose fish. In his long career as a fishing guide and tournament pro, Mark Pack has never stopped in his quest for the perfect jig. With the introduction of the all new MPack Jig from Lake Fork Trophy Lures, he believes his search for the ultimate flipping jig is finally over. After using the MPack jig for over 6 months now, I can attest that it will pull big bass from the nastiest of cover and it looks great while doing it.

For the new jig, Mark started with a new head design that is wider than it is tall. These broad shoulders keep the jig out of snags by following the path of least resistance through cover. At the same time, the head design forces the jig to turn over during hook sets. This produces bass that are hooked in the roof of the mouth instead of in the side of the mouth where they can easily tear loose.

In conjunction with the new head design, the MPack Jig sports the finest jig hook Mark has found. This beefy Gamakatsu hook is made of high tempered steel that resists flexing. Inferior hooks flex under the strain of hard hook sets, consequently missing a lot of fish while dragging across the roof of bass’ mouth instead of penetrating. The rigid MPack Jig hook stands its ground and penetrates immediately, delivering a very high strike to catch ratio, especially on big fish that cause weak hooks to flex.

While the head and hook make the MPack Jig functional, the paint job and skirt make it a knockout in the looks department too. The jighead is power coated with new Illusion paint. Power coating ensures that the paint won’t chip off during its travels through the bass’ lair. Meanwhile, the colors of the innovative Illusion paint change colors in different lighting environments, thereby giving fish an ever-changing chameleon type look. Lake Fork Trophy Lures completes the jigs’ ensemble with 13 premium skirts for all water colors, with a splash of tinsel in each one to provide a highlight of flash and contrast.

Finally, the MPack Jig is completed with a couple of small features that make the lure easy to use. All 4 sizes (¼, 3/8, ½, and ¾ oz) come with an oversized skirt collar to keep the skirt up top. Furthermore, a well designed trailer keeper holds creature baits and Fork Craws securely in place. These often overlooked features keeps the skirt and trailer orderly no matter how many fish you catch or where you pitch it, allowing you to fire right back into your hot spot instead of constantly having to redress your jig. Just a couple more features that make an already good jig become great.

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start pitching these jigs to stumps and grass near spawning areas in pursuit of lunker bass. I dress my MPack Jigs with a matching Fork Craw or Hyper Freak trailer, depending on the mood of the bass. You need big gear to pull these fish out consistently, so a heavy action 7’3” Dobyns 736C rod is stout enough to handle the fish, yet well balanced so it feels like a feather in your hand. Finally, spool up with 20 to 25 lb FluoroHybrid Pro for a line that is as tough, sensitive, and clear as fluorocarbon but as easy handling as mono, and you’ll be ready to rumble in the bass’ jungle.

Give the new MPack Jig a try this spring on your favorite lake and you might just come away with the bass of a lifetime.
Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by  Lake Fork Pro Tom Redington


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