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Andrew Grills' 
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Report Submitted: 3/2/18

Lake Fork Guide Andrew Grills

We are shaping up for a good spring on Lake fork with plenty of freshwater flowing into the lake. It has definitely been the wettest February since I began guiding, and all that cold, rainy weather resulted in quite a few cancellations last month. We still managed some big fish, however, and now things are looking good!

The lake is full now, and the fish have abundant flooded cover to enjoy as they move into the shallows. These patches of shoreline grass, flooded bushes, and lay downs will provide protection for the coming spawn. The water temperature will continue to fluctuate over the next few weeks, but right now it’s in the mid to high 50s for the most part.

I’m catching some nice fish staging near spawning flats right now. Reaction style lures like spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits have been good. On some days, we’ve had to slow down and throw soft plastics. A senko style bait has been my best producer. The sunny days have definitely been better lately, but that might change as we get into more of a spring pattern. It has been a long cold winter!

Hopefully this report will help you prepare for your next trip on Lake Fork. As always, if I can be of any assistance please let me know!

Andrew Grills

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Andrew Grills

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