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Gerald Boudreaux's Lake Fork Fishing Report

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Submitted: 10-26-14

I would like to start my report by letting you know the lake level is down to 6.25 ft below normal as of 91026/14. Normal pool is 403.00 and we are at 396.75 above sea level. The normal lake level fishes about 605,061 acres-ft, we are at 485208acres-ft today or 75.0 % of water capacity. The lake is slowly dropping due to lack of rain. The lake water clarity still looks good on main lake and a little stain in Creeks. I like to say that the people planning a trip to Lake Fork in the near future, that lake levels are still a dropping due to lack of rain, you need to be very careful while running the lake. Keep to main boat lanes real tight and watch where you are going, because of underwater timber, be cautious and show courtesy to your fellow fishermen. I would recommend to you that once you leave the main boat lanes, to idle to where ever you are going to fish, if you are not familiar with the area, it is better to be safe than sorry. Also be careful while launching your boats, take it slowly while loading and unloading your boats at ramps.

October is here and the turnover is about over. The water temperature has been around (70 to 76 degrees) with cooler weather soon the water temperature will start to lower. October is a great month to catch some nice Lake Fork BASS. Mr. Bucky Woy from Arlington TX fish with me this week and we caught several nice bass, 9lbs.-8.8lbs.-7.8lbs.-6.8lbs. In three days we had about 10 fish that were real quality fish. Try roads beds, secondary points, flats near deeper water, ditches, pond dams, road beds. You can also catch fish in deeper water on main lake points and secondary points in main lake creeks. CC rigs, drop shots rigs, Small Swim Baits, Alabama Rigs, Crank baits and Jigs are some of the good baits to try in deeper water. Always look for the bird, which means bait fish, and BASS aren’t far away. It helps to Use and understand your electronics to see what the bait and fish are doing, this will help you to eliminate a lot of Fishless waters.

For the crappie fisherman the bite has been pretty good on brush pile and by bridge, Minnows and jigs are the baits. This will conclude my report for this time.
If you are planning a trip to Lake Fork in the near future , and would like to spend a nice day on the water, and pass a good time with a cajun, please feel free to call me at Home (903-383-2792 or Cell phone (225-573-0513) or email  or my Website www Lake Fork Texas

God bless and have a nice day.

Good luck fishing.

Gerald Boudreaux

Lake Fork Guide Gerald Boudreaux
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