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Brooks Rogers'
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Report Submitted 4-2-18

Brooks Rogers

Lake Fork right now is in great shape. The spawn is in full swing with the current full moon. Spawning bass are currently lake wide and can be caught on a variety of baits.

On the north end of the lake regardless if you're on the east fork or west fork finding vegetation is the key. There's not much hydrilla but coontail moss is very plentiful in most of the northern creeks. On cloudy mornings buzzbaits are producing in these areas but the most consistent baits for me have been a weightless Senko type bait and a light weight Trig 8 inch lizard and swimming it thru the moss and letting it fall in the holes. Also 5 inch swim baits will work in these areas to. On the south end and mid lake I'm focusing more on bushes and shallow flat pockets. These types of areas are holding lots of spawning bass. Weightless senko style baits along with Texas rigged lizards and creature are productive.

April is shaping up to be a great month. With a full lake and good coontail moss growth we should have another productive spawn. Like my Facebook page for current photos. I have two days left open in April. The 23 and 30 are still available. Call if I can help 903 780-0680


Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Brooks Rogers

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