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Tom Evans'
Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report

Pro Guide Tom Evans
Report Submitted: 5-16-19

What a difference a week makes. We’ve gone from tremendous amounts of rain to beautiful sunny days. Lake Fork was over a foot high for several days. We had four gates open for days back to back. A lot of water has gone through Lake Fork in the last month. We had record rain fall in April. The good news is the bass have remained active and catchable throughout these conditions. There are still a few fish spawning in different areas of the the lake. Loads of carp have been in shallow spawning too. The carp can sure ruin a great spot in a hurry. Shad spawn is still happening but it’s winding down quickly. I look for that to be over soon. Lots of bream are bedding now more moving in every day. Bass are moving into a early summer pattern and they are getting consistent. It’s a transition period for the bass and with 2 gates still open and high water some days I have to make several moves to locate fish. New fish are showing up in areas I’m checking every day. The rest of May and all of June look to be great fishing this year. This is a update on the different species of fish that all effect what the bass are doing. I hope it helps you locate your fish. If you are planning a trip to Lake Fork I would like to earn your business. I offer 1/2 day trip $275 and full day $400. Call or text me at 972-974-6552.

Thanks for checking my report.

Tom Evans

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Tom Evans
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