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Tom Evans'
Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report

Pro Guide Tom Evans
Report Submitted: 7-10-19

Lake Fork is pool level and looking good. The water has cleared up and looks great. With plenty of rain this year we are seeing a great comeback of aquatic vegetation. Pepper grass, mill foil, gator weed, hydrilla, Lilly pads, cattails and more are all coming back strong. All of these Are great for our bass fishing. This vegetation provides much needed cover for the fry and works as a filter of silt during heavy rains. This vegetation is the life of our lake so it’s exciting to see it make a comeback. I saw a post where the TPW stocked 510,000 Florida fingerlings this year. That’s a nice increase from 290,000. I would love to see 5 times that many but they must supply other lakes too.

I want to pass on information about a free app, Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual. This is the little book you get where you purchased your fishing license. It’s very handy to have on your phone. It answers all your fishing and hunting questions. Check it out.

This time of year I have lots of open days. I like to start early in the morning or late in the afternoon to beat the heat. Those are half day trips. A good option to beat the Heat is pm/am or am/pm trip. This allows you to beat the mid day heat. I do these split day trips for the same rate as a full day trip. Full day $400 or half day $275. That’s for 2 people bass fishing.

If you want to learn more about Lake Fork or other lakes in the area feel free to text or call. Check out my website for more information. Texting or calling 972-974-6552 is the fastest way to contact me. Thanks for checking my report and hope you have a great day on your next fishing trip.

Thanks again,
Tom Evans

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Tom Evans
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