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Eddie Garrett's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett

Report Submitted: 6-11-18

Welcome to Lake Fork

Lake level is - .91 and surface temps are 84-88 degrees. The lake is in great shape and is fishing very well . The Skeeter Owners Tournament has just wrapped up today and they weighed in 25 overs in a day and a half fishing with 2700 anglers. Unders weighed in had strong healthy weights and overall it was very impressive this year. My customers and I also had a great week leading up to it. Numbers were good and we also had two big overs being 10.20 and 945 put in the boat and a couple more giants that we just had bad luck landing. I love this time of year fishing in deeper off shore techniques. Their is a top water bite shallow if you get on the water early but it is short lived. We're basically going straight to the off shore structure though. Drop shots, football jigs, shaky heads, c-rigs and big worms are my go to baits. Depending on the conditions of the day, their preference of bait and how we find the fish set up in the water column is how I determine what to use most. The drop shot use Tomato and Red Bug, Tx rig with a 3/8 oz. Tungsten weight using Talon 10" Wiggler in Plum Apple, c-rig with a Watermelon Candy fluke and a Xcite Hawgalicius creature bait, 1/2 oz. Xcite X lock shaky head with a 10" Maxima Red Bug or Blue Fleck worm and 3/4 oz. football jigs with your green Pumpkin, stronger greens and browns and the trailer of choice. There are several good ones on the market. We're fishing 18 'to 26 on humps, ridges and longer points for the most part. This my favorite time of year for a consistent big one and have good Summer time dates open. It's about to get real good out there! I will also run a 6 hr full day pro rated full day rate when the weather gets real hot. You can also follow me on FB and Instagram. I also welcome group trips and use only knowledgeable, personable and professional guides. Book your Summer trip soon. You can call my cell @ 972 979 4850. Also email  and can get more info @ As always thanks for reading my report and would love to earn your business.

Good fishing!
Eddie Garrett

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett
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