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Eddie Garrett's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett

Report Submitted: 4-18-18

Welcome to Lake Fork

Lake level is - 43 and surface temps are all over the board because of all the fronts his Spring. The water is still very stained. We're seeing 61 to 69 on different days in mid to lower lake where we have been fishing. It's going into the third week of April and a lot of fish has still not spawned. These cold fronts just keep coming in. This is also probably the windiest Spring Iv'e ever seen here. Seems like ever few days it blows form the North then back out of the South which really has the bass messed up. We will have good numbers and size one day then a low numbers the next. But it's about to bust wide open within the next week. The shad spawn is about to start which will make the windy points and shell beds very good. There will also be a major wave pull to spawn on the next moon in mid to the lower end of the lake. Right nowt we're throwing flukes on a 1/8 oz. Owner weighted hook shallow on spawning flats. I'm also throwing a short c-rig in these type places. When the wind will let us we'e going to main lake points and shell beds doing the same thing and adding a swim bait and shallow square bill to the mix. If you like the top water bite it's about to get good also. In my next report I will give more detailed report on the colors. Right now their changing on me every day out there. But it will stabilize more soon. If you need a guide I have couple days still open this month and I'm booking May and June which are my favorite months here on Fork. You can reach me on my cell @ 972 979 4850 or email me @ More info @ Thanks for reading my report.

Tight lines and good fishing!
Eddie Garrett

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Eddie Garrett
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