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John Morris'
Lake Fork Fishing Report

FROM: J & M Guide Service
Report Submitted: 4-13-18

Lake Fork Pro Guide John Morris of J&M Guide Service with a 9.7 bass caught April 26, 2012

DATES: 8 – 12 April 2018

The April winds decided to blow big time this week. The good thing is the winds helped the water temperatures to stay constant at 68 to 70 degrees. The water clarity is still stained in the upper creeks and is slightly stained in the lower lake regions. The Bass bite was fare this week in most areas of the lake. There is still a lot of Bass trying to spawn in the lower part of the lake. Every week I get numerous questions on what bait to use and how to fish it. There are many baits working now, the key to all of them is to work the bait very slowly. The anglers that are catching constant numbers of Bass are fishing a bait they can move very slow and precisely. This week we have had the best luck with the split shot rigged watermelon red Zoom Fluke, the Bubby’s Custom Baits watermelon candy red Stick O bait rigged on a wacky rig, and a Buddy’s Custom Baits watermelon candy red Boss Hog rigged on a ╝ ounce shaky head jig. The Stick O bait we dyed the tail chartreuse and put a nail in the head to get it down in the Hydrilla. One other hint is to dye the tail of the Zoom Fluke chartreuse. On our equipment list this week is our Ranger 520c powered by an Mercury 250 Pro XS, Duckett rods, ABU Garcia reels, Stren line, Eagle Claw hooks, Buddy’s Custom Baits, and Zoom soft plastics.

The Crappie fishing was outstanding again this week. This is not fancy fishing J. Get out your #2 gold Aberdeen Crappie hook, a piece of split shot and a bobber and you will have a great time. The Crappies are in 2 – 4 foot of water spawning. By the way put a minnow on the hook, chuckle –chuckle.

The White Bass are still Spawning. They are in the back of the creeks in 3 – 5 foot of water. They are easy to catch with a Crappie jig tipped with a minnow.

The Catfishing is also picking up. They are moving into the shallow water to spawn. Minnows were the bait of choice for the Catfish anglers this week. Look for them in 3 – 5 foot of water.

If you are looking for a Guide with over 20 years of Bass guiding here on Lake Fork and need a guided Bass trip, give me a call at (903) 413-6919 or e-mail me at Please be courteous to your fellow anglers and guides.

John Morris

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide John Morris
J & M Guide Service
(903) 413-6919


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