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John Morris'
Lake Fork Fishing Report

FROM: J & M Guide Service
Report Submitted: 2-14-2021

Lake Fork Pro Guide John Morris of J&M Guide Service with a 9.7 bass caught April 26, 2012

DATE: 14 February 2021

Happy New Year everyone. I am setting here watching it snow and waiting on the warm weather to arrive and reflecting last year’s season. It was a up and down season with several really good fish being caught here at Lake Fork. Now, it is time to think about what to do to get ready for this year’s season. Let’s break it down by equipment types including boats and motors.

The first type; rods and reels. What I do and highly recommend is take each reel and tear it down, clean it and lube it. Keep a close eye on release springs, bushings, bearings and main gears. Take the corresponding rod and take hot soapy water and wash it, paying close attention to the eyes and rod tip. If you fish a lot of grass like I do you will have a lot of residue from the grass in the eyes and rod tip. Then replace all of your line.

The next type is hooks. I recommend that you go through all of your tackle box’s and get all of your worm hooks, swim bait hooks and drop shot hooks out and go through them and throw old rusty and bent hooks out. But the main thing is sharpen all remaining hooks! So, when you get to your favorite fishing hole and you grab your favorite type of hook it will be ready to tie on and you know it is sharp and will catch your trophy fish.

The third type is crankbaits. This can be the most time-consuming type because of the treble hooks. Take each crankbait and inspect the hooks and either sharpen them or replace them. Here is a word of caution if you replace them with a hook right out of the package; sharpen it anyway. You will find hooks right out the package are not as sharp as they should be!

Have you ever been looking for your favorite worm, lizard or swim bait and find out your last one is all sticky and nasty? Take you plastic’s boxes out and clean them out and do an inventory of your plastics. Here in the Texas heat it will destroy your plastics, so be ready when you pull out your favorite worm, lizard or swim bait it will be ready to thread on.

This next section is all about you spending time on the water and enjoying a trouble-free day. I spend over three hundred days on the water guiding and I see a lot of frustrated anglers because they did not do a little preventive maintenance. Let’s start up front with the trolling motor. Take off the prop and check for fishing line and the condition of your shear pin. Question, do you have a spare pin and where is it? Depending on the type of trolling motor, lube as required. A long with your trolling motor is your trolling motor batteries. Make sure you keep them charged and serviced during the winter and all year round. Plus, check and clean your trolling and start battery connections.

One of the most important items is your motor. Drain your lower unit and check for milky looking grease. If you have milky looking grease there is a high probability that you have a leaking lower unit seal and you need to get it replaced before servicing it. If the oil is not milky go ahead and change oil in it. Next, is lube all fittings on the outer motor and pull the cowling off and lube things like the throttle and shift linkage. (Consult your owner’s manual for all lubrication requirements.) After all of that pull your prop off and check for fishing line around the prop shaft. Reinstall prop and properly torque prop nut. Check all steering linkages for proper lube and servicing.

Now that you are all greasy and messy from servicing your motor take a break and get a cup of coffee and set down and look at your boat. It is saying, “I would sure like to get all of the winter crude off of me”. 😊 😊. Check all of your hard ware like cleats, steering connections, wiring connections and general hardware for security and general conditions. Also check your fire extinguishers and life vest for condition and serviceability.

Last but not least is your trailer is boat trailer. Let’s start up front with coupler. Make sure it has not rusted, clean and lube it as required. If you have trailer brakes, check the servicing, check your wench strap. Check your bunks for security and condition. For those trailers the have greased hubs check the grease and inner seals. For the trailers that have oils bath hubs, make sure that you have oil in the site window of the hub. If the oil is milky in color see your local dealer, you have water in the hub.

Hopefully these little reminders will help you get ready for a successful season.

On our equipment list this for 2021 season is our Ranger 520c powered by a Mercury 250 Pro XS from Nichols Marine in Longview, TX, Duckett rods, ABU Garcia reels, Stren line, Strike King hard baits, Bubba’s Baits Crappie jigs, and Zoom soft plastics.

Here at J & M Guide Service we have a few days open for Bass and Crappie guided trips in March and April for the spawn. Give us a call at (903) 413-6919 or E-mails us at Have a great and safe 2021 fishing season.

John Morris

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide John Morris
J & M Guide Service
(903) 413-6919


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