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October Transition on Lake Fork

lake fork guide John TannerArticle: October, 2000

October is transition time here on Lake Fork. Cooler weather and the changing of the season will assure some great Bass fishing action. During the first part of the month I would look for fish in shallower water on the main lake as well as in the upper reaches of the lake. The key word here is Baitfish!! In October the Big Bass really key in on the shad schools wherever you find them. You may find them anywhere as the fish chase them around the lake. You may see fish schooling on a main lake point one minute and then an hour later go to the back of a pocket and the bass will have the shad pushed all the way to the back of it and running them up on the shoreline. Good lures and techniques are those that imitate shad and cover plenty of water. Weightless soft plastic jerkbaits such as the Magic Shad by Lake Fork Tackle is an excellent choice. You can fish this one a number of ways and it catches fish when many baits won't do the trick. You can twitch it along the top when you encounter some surface action or can fish it like a slug o or even use around the timber with a dead sticking technique. Other good choices are Spinnerbaits, Topwaters, Crankbaits and Texas Rigged Tubes. A Good Spinnerbait to use would be the new Titanium Elite by Strike King. It is awesome. One of my favorite colors would have to be the White Shad color, especially during the month of October. Good topwaters to use would baits such as Spitin Kings, Pop R's, Chug bugs, and buzzbaits. On the crankbait selection use shallow runners like traps and diamond shads. Look for active fish to be hanging around main lake points during the day but early and late check secondary points and pockets on the main lake for active fish. Now towards the end of the month the deep bite will start jammin as the annual jigging spoon and tailspinner season begins once again. This is the beginning of a fun time of year leading into next month. I will talk a little more about this in the next issue. It is a good way to catch Huge Bass. People ask me often about the lake turnover which usually happens in the fall. Fishing can get really tough during this time. Especially in the main lake area the fish get put in a trance as the the cooler water sinks towards the bottom and the so called flip flop of the lake takes place. When this happens head up the lake and go to the back of the major creek arms and I mean to the back. You will find the fish up there to be shallow and willing to take your offering. This could go on for a few weeks but once everything levels out the deep bite on the Spoons, tailspinners and grubs is the way to go. Lets talk about tackle a little bit. I have had the opportunity to use a new fishing rod being introduced by Falcon Rods. It is a new line called the Competition Series. These rods super! In my book I need a light and very sensitive rod but at the same time the rod must be very durable. The Competition series is all of that. The components are first quality and the price is what surprised me. The cost of the rod is a third of the cost of the rods I was using that had the same blank and guides. Try em, I know you will see what I am talking about. For the best prices on these new rods and other tackle contact Lake Fork Trophy Bait and Tackle in Emory, TX. Well that about wraps it up for this month. If you are headed this way for some great fall fishing have a safe trip and once you get here be safe on the lake as well. Respect the water and it will respect you. If you would like to book a guided bass fishing trip here on Lake Fork give us a call at the toll free number 1-800-865-2282 or check out our website at for booking info. We do individual trips as well as group or corporate outings with large groups welcome.
Good Fishin and God Bless,
John Tanner

Fishing Tip by  Lake Fork Guide John Tanner


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