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Grass for December Bass

lake fork guide John TannerArticle: December, 2002

December is a great month to come to Lake Fork in search of a Holiday HOG ! The Grass beds at Lake Fork are a great place to catch some real quality fish this time of year. With the come back of the hydrilla, fishing has been really good this fall and should continue on through the month of December. You say where to start ? Well look for grass beds in the back of the major creeks along the channels, on main lake points next to deep water and in protected pockets on the main lake or just off of a major creek arm. All of these areas have great potential for holding a good number of Lake Fork bruisers. As always look for bait fish activity in these areas and it will be a plus. Now for what to throw. My Falcon rods will be equipped as follows: A Texas rigged " Creature " by Lake Fork Tackle in June Bug or Watermelon color for fishing along the creek channel. Pay special attention to the bends in the creek and fish the stumps or grass clumps. This time of year these areas can be loaded with fish. Rig it on at least 20 pound line. I will also have a spinner bait, a lipless crank bait and a topwater of some sort ready to use. As mild as it has been we are still catching fish on topwaters and even some still on white buzzbaits. On the spinner bait white is the color as well. Try the Quad Shad by Strike King. On the lipless crank baits it is time to start using some of the red and craw fish colors. Many anglers do not use these baits until Feb. but I tell you it will catch them in December and Jan. just as good. Now another over looked bait for December is the OLE trusty Magic Shad in white or pearl rigged weightless and fished along the top of the grass. This can be a deadly way to catch big bass in the winter. Now for the alternative: If the shallow bite is off say after a front has passed through check out the deep water structure. Not all of the bass will be shallow. There will still be plenty of fish in deep water feeding on bait fish. You need a good graph to be successful at this type of fishing. If you are looking for a good unit I would suggest a Lowrance X-75 or if you want to kick it up a notch go for the X-15 MT. It is awesome. Look for fish at the mouths of the major creeks such as little and big Mustang. These areas hold plenty of Big Bass. Go after these Mooses with Jigging Spoons, Tail Kickers and even a slow moving Carolina Rigged Ring Fry. There will still be some Big Ones down there feeding on shad and bar fish. The lake is in great shape and the bass are waiting so come on down and catch your self a Holiday HOG.
We would love to help you catch your trophy.
Good Fishin and God Bless,
John Tanner

Fishing Tip by  Lake Fork Guide John Tanner


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