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Summer Time Bassin on Lake Fork

lake fork guide John TannerArticle: May, 2001

For those of you that have a hard time catching fish in the OLE Dog Days of Summer, here are a few tricks of the trade to make fighting the hot weather all worth while. In the summer when it is, as the song says" to hot to fish and to hot for golf". Instead of beating the banks for the first hour or two until the sun gets up and the heat pours in, try your hand at some deeper water fishing. This is intimidating to some while others who are in the groove with the deep water style of fishing and are enjoying some of the best fishing of the year. The trick is to learn where these deep water spots are by looking at a good map and the other is to learn how to use your electronics properly. The spots to look for are underwater humps and ridges, submerged pond dams and road beds. All of these types of off shore underwater structure can attract large schools of bass throughout the warmer months. If you have a graph and are not sure how to use it carefully read the manual and head to the lake. The more you use it the easier it gets. I would recommend a Lowrance X-75. It is a good all around unit and it wont lie to you. If it marks fish there are fish down there! Once you are comfortable with your unit start looking for these structures and and fish relating to them. If you see fish on the screen and they are on top off the hump or on the sides off it you are in business. Get a 7 foot Falcon Rod in heavy action or medium heavy. Rig up a Carolina Rig with a 3/4 ounce Mega Weight Sinker and about a 3 foot leader . Put a Baby Ring Fry on the hook and go to work. Now Boat position is the key to fishing these deep areas productively. I have a Lowrance on the front of my Ranger Boat as well as the back. I use the rear unit when I am idling around and scanning the area. Once I find some fish I will turn on the front unit so I can keep a steady eye on the bottom and keep my boat in the right position. Once you start to fish this way it gets a little easier every time. After a couple of months it becomes second nature. For those of you who know, when the deep bite is on you can catch 30 - 40 fish a day no problem. It doesn't seem near as hot when the fish are steady coming into the boat.
Good Fishin and God Bless,
John Tanner

Fishing Tip by  Lake Fork Guide John Tanner


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