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Drop Shot, bass approach

Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauArticle January, 2001
This month's article will cover a new innovation into the bass fishing game. The DROP Shot was in Bass Masters Magazine a month or so ago. This is a new approach that may add a few more fish to your creel. There are so many variations to this rig. I will try to cover a few which you can try and even come up with your own style. The rig consist of a hook tied several inches to several feet up your line from the weight. The weight will be at the bottom of your line. It is really like a reverse Carolina rig (on a normal Carolina rig you put the weight a bead a swivel and then attach a leader with a hook. The leader being a length from six inches to five feet.)

The distance from the weight to the hook depends on the distance you feel the fish are suspended off the bottom. Some times this may be up to three feet. The ideal is to hold the bait still right in front of the fish. On a Carolina rig you drag the bait along the bottom slowly and hope to entice the fish to bite. The drop shot puts the bait right in front of the fish. You can put a regular jig for the weight at the bottom which may add to the number of bites you get. This gives you two baits in the water at the same time. The size of weight is up to you. The amount of structure you are fishing grass, weeds,etc. can determine this. I like heavier weight's so I can get to the bottom sooner and keep the weight on the bottom for better control. The size of weight can be your choice as I feel weight is really not a factor if you get more bites or not on this rig. The exception would be if you were catching fish on the fall, then a lighter weight would be needed. The jig ideal comes from when the jig was added to a Carolina rig during a tournament and the angler won because the fish bite the jig not the end with the hook an worm on it. You can experiment with this and add it to your arsenal. The bait you use on the rig can vary from finesse worms to grubs to big worms. The key is to use something that won't get tangled on the main line. The palomar is the best knot to use to attach the hook onto the main line.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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