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Falcon Graphic Rods

Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauArticle November, 2000
This month’s article will cover a new series of rods that Falcon Graphite Rods has come out with.
The Expert Series came out in November of 1999. This is the top of the line rod for the serious fisherman. This rod has all the tricks needed to enhance your fishing skills. Falcon has taken the Low Rider to the next step. The Expert Series has the super light but strong blank with new Alconite guides to minimize line wear and improve casting distance. The exposed rod through the reel seat for more sensitivity. The strong graphite back bone for hook setting power. They have ten casting and five spinning rods in this series.

The newest addition to Falcons family is the Competition Series. I have been fishing the prototype of this new rod since June. When John Beckwith “the owner of Falcon Rods” handed me the prototype rod I knew right then he would not leave with this rod. I have been on Falcons Team for ten years. They have one of the most sensitive rods I have ever fished with. They are durable and very affordable. They have a rod for every fishermens needs. I wrote an article several months ago about rod buying and covered the basic different needs for most fishermen. This new series will be a step up from the Low Rider series. The Low Rider series is a light weight and sensitive rod with low profile single foot guides. The new Competition Series will have the single foot guides but with a higher modules graphite for a stronger and lighter weight in the blank. The exposed rod blank through the reel seat gives you the best feel on the lighter bites.

I have fished the FC 7-17 Lizard Dragger in the silver series with the Carolina rig here on Lake Fork for quite some time. The rod was super strong and had the hook setting power for pulling those Hawgs out from their hiding places. This new Competition Series far exceeds the hook setting power and sensitivity of both the Low Rider and the Lizard Dragger. This will give you the fishing edge whether you fish tournaments or just for fun. The Competition Series will fit in between the Low Rider and the Expert Series. The cost will range from $109 to $149. There will be twelve models to choose from. They will cover fresh water to light salt water. I highly recommend one of these rods for your fishing needs.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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