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Summer to Winter Transition

Article: November, 2000
Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauThis month's article will cover the transition from summer to winter. During this time of year everyone is thinking about Deer hunting and Thanksgiving. Bass fishing is far from their thought. People ask all the time can you fish year round. Here in the great state of Texas we have it pretty easy on the weather compared to other states. Our bass will eat year round. The water doesn’t get cold enough to freeze and fishing can get pretty good in the cold months. The presentation of the different lures you fish may change. As the cold fronts start moving in the surface waters will drop in temperature but the water down 3 or 4 feet will still be warm till some really big fronts come in. Run off from cold rains will drop the temp quickly. Some times this is a good time to get out as the rich oxygen filled water coming in will trigger a bite in the shallow water. As we have had no rain to speak of the new water will bring in forage also. As the water really cools down the fish will start to move out into the really deep water. I have caught fish in 48 foot of water in the winter. On the other hand I have caught them shallow in 6 to 8 inches of water during the same time. Don’t forget bass are cold blooded and can stand some pretty brutal temperatures.

I like to fish a jigging spoon and slow rolling a big spinner bait over the humps during this time of year. The jig and craw worm are another good choice fished around creeks and standing timber. Learning to read your electronics is another plus this time of year. Look for the bait fish and you should find some fish around them. Don’t forget one of the state records was caught in November from Lake Fork.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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