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New Lake Approach

Article: November, 2001
Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauThis month's article will cover how to approach new lakes and find fish. One way is hire a guide during the four seasons to see the pattern for that time of year. Get you a good topo map and study it. Look at the deep water humps, main lake points, and road beds. Look for creeks turning close to shallow water these areas will be good starting places. When you get to the lake look it over and then get the areas you studied on the map in your mind and then look at the season and figure what the fish normally do at this time of year. Now eliminate the water that the fish will not be in at this time. This gives you a smaller window to now concentrate on. Get the lures you will use for this time of year out and start working over the area. Choose one area at a time and spend a couple of trips working each area good. This will help you eliminate non productive water. Talking to the locals at the coffee shops and marinas will help you to choose the right baits. Usually the locals will tell you about patterns, areas and baits to fish.

This is also a time good electronic knowledge is a must. I really enjoy going to other lakes and applying what I know and apply it there to see if it will work.
Usually the patterns that are working on your home lake are not to far from other lakes. As I said earlier work areas like the areas you normally fish on your home lake. This will give you confidence as you try different baits. After you have spent time in an area move to the next and work it over slowly till you feel confident the fish are either there or not.

Don’t choose a lake like Sam Rayburn and try and learn it in two trips. Choose areas you plan on fishing all the time and learn them.

Joining a bass club is another good way to learn new water and new techniques. Fishing with someone new can bring new information to your bass fishing knowledge. Bass clubs fish many lakes during the year. Most of the older members will have fished most of the lakes and know them pretty good.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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