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Ladies, Just Hire a Guide

Article: December, 2000
Lake Fork Pro Jim Reaneau
This month's article will cover a question I was asked not long ago. I am not sure where or how to begin this. Well, let's try this way. Ladies if you want to fish with your husband and he is always getting on to you about hanging up or back lashing, then hire you a guide to take you and a friend out. Most guides will help you learn to fish without all the arguing you and spouse will be doing. I tell husbands all the time don't worry about your wife, you fish and I will help her. Fishing should be fun but it can be frustrating at times. I had a fellow call a few years ago and said he and a friend were bringing their wives and wanted to fish with me, and the wives with another guide. My question was why split up? The answer was the girls wanted to go but they couldn't fish very well. My answer was let me take the wives and I will teach them to fish. Most ladies want to learn and most are better fisher-persons than the husband. The ladies I have fished with will most of the time fish a worm or Carolina rig a lot slower than men because they are more patient. Second they don't want to be yelled at for back lashing or hanging up. Guys! Give this some thought. May and June are good months to learn to Carolina rig or worm fish. Christmas is coming and this is a good present to give.

Ladies this is a good time because the weather is warm. This a good time for you and a friend to spend some time together. The main thing is for everyone to have a good time. So the next time you plan a trip the two of you can go together.

I have several ladies who bring their son or daughter and want me to teach them to fish. So keep this in mind for a present for Christmas.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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