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Article: March, 2000
Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauThis months article will cover two baits that hit the fishing world lately. The first is a bait that Gene Larew came out with and one of the pros won a recent tournament with it. This bait is a great bait to pitch around docks and trees. The name is the HOO DADDY, it comes in two sizes. The smaller one is also a good Carolina bait. The larger one is the bait to pitch around trees and docks. This bait has the bulk of a jig and the action to boot. They come in many colors to choose from. I like to Texas rig the larger size with a quarter bullet weight and a 5/0 wide gap hook, this gives you plenty of weight to control your pitching. I also like to fish it weightless. Look for them at your favorite tackle store. The second bait is the tube. The tube has hit the fishing market with a storm. Gene Larew has a tube that is a super pitching bait. You can fish open water with a round head jig pushed up inside with the exposed hook. This is good on rocky bluffs and road beds. If you plan on fishing in the timber you need to make the bait weedless. I like a 4/0 wide gap hook and a quarter ounce weight and a bead and fish it Texas rigged. I like to pitch stumps, trees, and grass with this bait. If the grass is super thick you can go up in weight on your bullet size. This is a very compact lure that pitches great. I like to pitch the bait by stumps or trees and docks and let it sit and shake it a little and let it sit. After several hops I will sometimes pitch it back to the same spot and shake it again. The hit is sometimes like a worm bite and sometimes they just swim off with it. It may take you a little practice to get the feel down but this bait has already caught a bunch of fish for me. I have Carolina rigged the bait to and it works great. I like to dip and dye the skirt sometimes to add a little different look. Larew’s tube has a great head and the hook does not tear up the head much. They come in and array of colors. I like watermelon and the green pumpkin, for pitching timber and docks. Check them out at your favorite tackle stores.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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