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 Stick Baits

Article: March, 2001
Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauThis month's article will cover stick baits. There are several varieties of stick baits. Floaters, divers, and suspending types. This bait comes in jointed models also. The jointed bait can be your preference. I have fished some and they were not my cup of tea. I am sure there days the fish would like this model over any other bait but the straight ones are my favorite. I will cover the floaters and divers first. Some floaters have small propellers front and back while others have a cupped mouth like a pop'r. This type of bait is used to jerk erratically across the top of the water. Sometimes just small jerks and let it sit will draw strikes. When fish are active this bait can be deadly. The Zarra spook is probably one of the most popular baits of all time in the spring and around May. The bill type baits can be worked just like a crankbait. Slow steady retrieves or stop and go can produce fish. This bait can be jerked down with a crank and jerk retrieve. Let the bait start to float back up and then hit it with another jerk. The slow floating back to the surface after several jerks can arouse many of fish. The suspending type is just like the name says. This bait is a good prespawn bait as well as when the spawn kicks off. A good suspending model can be cast out and jerked down and let sit and the bait will almost remain motionless. Some will start a very slow rise to the top. This my favorite. This bait can be deadly over grass or submerged stumps. The ones that will sit and not move are also a real fish catcher. As with all top water baits we all try to put to much action in them. Some days the fish want are, don't care how much we move the bait, but there more days that they only want it sitting still or just that subtle movement. I can't tell you how many fish I have caught or seen caught with the bait sitting motionless. The fish know the bait is there. This is their home waters and they know every inch of it and when something strange shows up they are aware of its presents. Think of it as you coming home and the door is open or you walk in and there is a closet open you know you shut and no one has been home all day. You just know something is not right. Well the fish are ten times more observant. All of these baits can be good all day and then there are the days they will be good only early and late. Prespawn work the suspending bait all day as a search bait to locate fish. Then you can try other baits to catch more fish.

Sizes and colors can make a difference some days. The suspending baits I like a color called clown and a shad color. The floaters and divers I prefer shad color. This bait is suppose to resemble an injured minnow or bait fish. Greens can be good when the frogs are out.

I hope this will help you catch more fish and if you have any questions please email me and I will try to answer your questions. If you have a subject you would like to know about send me and email and I will write something on it.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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