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 Excalibur Super Spot

Article: June, 2000
Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauExcalibur Super Spot, the bait comes in a color that is well know around Lake Fork it is called “BAR FISH”. As many of us know who fish a jigging spoon and have had a “GIANT BASS” come up and take a bar fish off our spoon at the side of the boat this color is going to catch on quick. The bait comes in a lipless style called the “Excalibur Super Spot” and Rattling spot. The Super Spot covers the half and three quarter ounce size. The Rattling Spot is the big one ounce size. This past spring I fished the super spot instead of the usual red color everyone throws this time of year. I out fished the usual red color on most days. One day they wanted the half and the next they wanted the three quarter. I also fished both sizes over deep humps where fish were suspending and counted them down to where the fish were and “Mercy” I had one forty fish day with this bait. The rattling spot will work on big stripper and big bass. There are two different crank baits and sizes. There is a suspending crank bait called the Suspending Fat Free Shad that comes in two sizes. The BD7 and BD6. Both of these baits float. The BD7 will go down about 18 feet on fourteen pound line. And the BD6 about twelve feet on fourteen pound line. I like to fish the smaller size along timber and grass edges. I usually crank the bait down and then slow the retrieve just ticking the taper grass. The deeper one is great for the suspending fish in the summer. I also like to fish the bridge aprons with it early in the mornings. The BSD7 and BSD6 are suspending baits. They will get down and stay there. This is another good bait for the suspending fish. When you go to the store to get these baits the way you tell the suspending from the floating is “the suspending has red eyes.” You can find these baits at Lake Fork at these locations, Popes Landing , Mark Packs Lake Fork Trophy Bait and Tackle, Fishermans One Stop, Crossroads, Hideaway Harbor, Rainswood Marina, Pro Tackle Shop, Lake Fork Marina. The Excalibur Super Spot can be counted down to the fish, are if the bottom is clean you can rip them off the bottom as you would a spoon and let them fall back to the bottom. The fish will usually hit the bait on the fall. One thing I want to caution you about is the hooks. This bait has some of the finest hooks I have ever found on a bait right out of the package. Most baits you have to change the split rings and the trebble hooks. The Excalibur hook is one of the strongest hooks on the market. So be very careful when taking fish off the bait. All of these baits will work in the fall when the fish start feeding and schooling. The fall is another good time when the bar fish start stacking up on the humps.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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