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 Fishing Safety

Article: June, 2001
Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauThis article will cover something over looked by many fisherman, Safety. Two years ago I was hooked by customers and myself eight times. This can be very serious with many hooks coming in contact with fish, water and rust, you should keep your Tetanus shot current, to protect yourself. The main thing is not to hook someone in the first place. When fishing watch out for your buddy so you don’t get hooked or hook him. Most of the time we over load the boat and don’t think about who can or cannot fish. Spend a little time with everyone to talk about being safe. Tell everyone to wear sunglasses. This may prevent someone from loosing an eye. Many times when someone is hung up they will pull back on the rod and the bait will come flying back toward the boat, this is another time that eyewear comes in handy. Should someone get hooked look the area over before you try and remove the hook. If you have never removed a hook it maybe better to get the person to the doctor. We can make the situation worse on some occupations. Boating safety is another area to work on. Have everyone put on a life jacket when the boat is moving. All boats have seating chart and a weight limit. Don’t let anyone ride with their legs over the side or the nose of the boat. Don’t let anyone ride in the fishing chairs, the pedestal can break and throw someone out of the boat. The most important thing is don’t mix alcohol and boating. This can lead to a problem in a hurry. Don’t let drunk people water ski or jump over the side to swim. Don’t listen to people who are drinking when they tell you they are ok as alcohol gives everyone confidence. On holidays and weekends have someone help you watch for other boats and personal watercraft. This will help you not to run into anyone.

As the summer starts advise everyone to wear plenty of sun screen. A bad sunburn can turn into a serious problem. Have plenty of water as sun stroke is no laughing matter.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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