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 Weekend or Weekday Fishing

Article: July, 2000
Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauThis month's article will cover weekend fishing verses weekday fishing. How many times have you gone to your favorite lake during the week on a day off and the first thing you notice is where are all the boats? There is no line to get into at the launch ramp. When you pull into the first spot, there are no other boats around. You pull out your favorite lure and after several cast a nice chunk jumps on the other end of your string. You make several cast and it happens again. You run several other spot’s and most pay off with a fish or two. You think “BOY” I am on them now. You start looking around with your electronics and find a hump you never new was there. The graph lights up with fish and you pull out your Carolina rig and excitedly you make a long cast and the ultimate backlash appears in mid flight. As you pick out the, in my business this is called a Professional over ride, backlash you feel a fish on the other end. The backlash is forgotten as you land a nice six pounder. After one of the best days you have had on the lake in a while you can’t wait to get home so you can tell all your buddies, their first question is where was this hump at? With out thinking you have told three buddies your new found spot. I can tell you from experience where they will be this weekend. Now! Where do you plan to fish? Keep these spots to yourself. During the week on most lakes you will find that the boat traffic is light unless you guide on the most popular lake in Texas. A good tip for weekend fishing is to look for new spots to fish when you can only go on weekends. Most fisherman like the banks and the trees along the bank. Move around the lake a see where the least amount of fisherman are, then start your search. Spend time out on the open water and find drop-offs, humps, and other structure that might hold fish. If you find a good hump and it looks like it has potential put some brush on it, this will draw them to it. If you will put out several brush piles on some main lake points this should ensure a spot to fish when everything else is covered up. Remember that it doesn’t take a whole tree to make a brush pile. Several good limbs tied together and dropped in the right spot can be deadly cover. The weekend traffic will cover up most good community hole’s and any other good looking spot. Nothing hurts worse than after a two hour drive to the lake you find every spot you want to fish covered up. So spend a few weekends looking, it will payoff later. When you can go during the week you can look forward to another great fishing day. Most lakes don’t have as many ramps as Fork but look and see which one is least popular and start using it on weekends as this will cut down on launch time and frustration’s. You may have to run a little to get to one of your spots but it will be worth it.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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