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Night Fishing

Article: August, 2003
Lake Fork Pro Jim ReaneauThis article will cover night fishing. When the sun gets hot I start getting call for some night fishing trips. The night fishing is another world. You need to make some changes in your approach to how you plan on starting out. I tell everyone to first fish and area you plan on fishing in the day light, this way you will be aware of all the underwater structure. Next practice your casting in the daytime and close your eyes and cast out to a spot you saw before you closed your eyes. See how close you got to your target. This is how it will be at night. Don’t get me wrong. After your eyes get accustom to the dark you will be able to see some, especially on full moon nights. Next think about what tackle you plan on using. Top water, Buzz baits, spinner baits, Texas rigs, and jigs are all good baits at night. The color is dark. Black, black and blue, brown, and white are good colors. The areas you fish will be similar to day time fishing and the technique the same. I recommend getting on the water just before dark so you can get to your spot before full darkness sets in.

I would have and area where I could move easily to another spot if the fish didn’t bite. I would not have a plan of fishing several miles apart on my spots.

Just like day time fishing there will be a time when the fish bite and then they will quit. You may have to experiment with several spots before you find a spot that will produce fish.

The first thing is to get your boat night ready. Get all your lights working. Have a good spot light on hand. Get a small flash light like a mag light so you can find things and tie knots. The law says you need both lights on when you are moving with trolling motor or the big motor.
You will need plenty of bug spray as the lights will attract them. Be sure and tell someone you know well where you plan on fishing and always try and get someone to go with you. Always wear your life vest at night. Don’t mix fishing with drinking at night. Be careful and good fishing.
Thanks and Good Fishing,

Fishing Tip by EX Lake Fork Guide Jim Reaneau


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