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Eric Wright's
Lake Fork Fishing Report

Lake Fork Guide Eric Wright

Report Submitted: 7-2-18

Lake Fork Report 7-1-2018

Here we are in July and Lake Fork has been fishing phenomenal. The numbers have been great and we're seeing some big Lake Fork bass caught! As of this post, the water level is at 401.65 and temps have been 82-84 degrees.

This time of year I always keep a weightless Fluke (white/disco violet) tied on. Don't be caught without this bait ready to go! Right now there are a lot of fish suspended and some are starting to school up. These fish are schooling anywhere from 15-24 feet in the morning for about the first 1-2 hours of fishing.

I also like to start out fishing the drop shot in 15-18 feet. I rig this up with a #1 rigging hook and a 5/16 oz. weight. I am using a 14 inch leader with a finesse worm (Tomato). There are other colors that work but Tomato is a confidence bait for me.

Another bait I have been fishing is a 6XD in (Tennessee Shad or Chartreuse Blue Back). I like to set up my Carolina Rig with a 1 oz weight and 5' leader with a #3 rigging hook. I set this up with a Fluke (Mardi Gras).

I've been staying anywhere from 20-24 feet after the morning and won't head back up until the evening right before dark. I move up to about 15 feet in the evening but I'm fishing all the same baits.

Locations /Timing

Right now I am fishing main lake points, roadbeds and a few brush piles. The key is timing. You may pull up on a spot and not get bit and come back 2 hours later and the fish are loaded up. If the fish don't bite within 15-20 minutes, it's time to move on.These fish are feeding all day but you have to keep moving and find them.

I hope this report can help you catch some fish during your next visit to Lake Fork. If you are looking to get out in July / August, please give me a call for a guide trip. I know during these hotter months it's difficult for some people to stay out all day. I just want to remind everyone if you book a full day with me and I do not already have an evening trip we can split up the day. I would love to have the chance to work with anyone looking to come out. Here's a few recent photos.

Thanks, Eric Wright 972 757 7947

Fishing Report by Lake Fork Guide Eric Wright
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